Business stragety

Overview Strengths:

SBB and ASCAT shall, before investing on any product or project, carried out a vigorously surveys on the strengths and weak of the market for that particular products and project. To do this it shall looks at the following:
• Pro - competitive: presumption that competition should be introduced wherever possible and that competition is better than regulation.
• Objective: strict criteria, based on sound economic principles, for when regulatory remedies should be applied.
• Consistent framework: some overall rules apply throughout the EU or the whole Sudan where it intend to operate permanently but with allowance for local conditions. Which of these two is likely to be on the top list of leading edge 

Overview weakness:

• Inconsistency of application foot-dragging and special interests have allowed progress in some countries and prices (e.g. intra-European calling, mobiles roaming charges) have sometimes been slow to fall.
• Speed of response: regulators have typically been too slow to respond to specific anti-competitive actions to prevent harm being done – for this reason blunter ex ante (preventatives=) measures are preferred.
• Limited success at introducing competition into the local loop.

Overview threats:

• Increasing resort to litigation to try to overturn regulatory decisions – may make regulations cautions in future about offending powerful interests.
• Extra-territorial issues – threats such as spam, abuses of data privacy, nuisance calls and denial of service attacks are increasingly international and originated outside the country in question.

Overview opportunities

• Wireless and mobile technologies offering increasing competition with fixed for broadband and data services as well as for voice service.
• The Digital Dividend – large blocks of prime radio spectrum made available by the ending of less – efficient older services.